Privacy Policy

I do all the usual, and some more advanced things, with cookies, and I use tools/services that use cookies themselves. Why don't I have a cookie message somewhere on the site? Seriously? That's just a very stupid law, and it annoys everyone with zero actual effect (I have 2 citizenships if I have to escape, wink). If need be, e-mail me and I shall add it, but by default ... go somewhere else please, if you don't like the fact that I use cookies like every other website.

The site is secure (https) so your communication to and from the site is encrypted. That means I am using current best practices to keep your data private. But let's not fool ourselves ... your government (or a man in the middle, or any other hacker of sorts, most notably your ISP who is selling your browsing behaviour data for big bucks) might still have ways to see what you are doing here. I don't have their infrastructure abilities, unfortunately, fortunately.

I can't speak on behalf of services like Google Analytics and others, but I personally can promise that any data I get from you stays with me, full stop, simple.


You are invited to help this AI blog become better - please comment, share, like, etc. to make it more widely known, but please also contact me if you want to share your views on how best this AI blog should be/work.