Twitter Hall of Fame

Twitter is one of my main channels for promoting this AI blog and I thought it would be nice to expose some of the cool things that happened on Twitter over time. The initial numbers might not be ultra-impressive but as you can imagine it takes quite some time and testing to get things just right, so I will keep improving things and rejoice over every bit of growth and improvement I can achieve.

Summary Snapshot

This shows the activity & follower growth on my Twitter account for December 2016 and January 2017. A couple of automated approaches initially got me some better follower growth, but I decided to delete those automated tweets again to keep the account very tidy. In the late stages of January I started working on a new kind of automation for which I expect to see results in February.


January 2017

Following the initial spurt in December I decided to take it easy on Twitter and focus on improving the blog first. In the late stages of January I implemented my "proper" automation strategy and I am currently slowly ramping it up.

Top Tweet 01/17

This tweet only had 1 re-share but it earned 479 impressions, nearly double of the top tweet in the prior month.

Top Media Tweet 01/17

Again the same content as before, this time with 2 re-shares but it only earned 219 impressions this time. It is interesting to note that videos of Prof. Jürgen Schmidhuber seem to be popular.

Top Follower 01/17

@Minh_Q_Tran, followed by 22.6K people, was my top follower this month.

Top Mention

December 2016

The blog was launched on Christmas Eve 2016, that's the 24th of December. So, obviously, we don't see dramatic growth and activity yet - gotta start somewhere.

Top Tweet 12/16

This tweet got a couple of re-shares and earned 258 impressions.

Top Media Tweet

This tweet got even more re-shares and also a couple of likes. It earned 238 impressions.

Top Mention 12/16

I use Squarespace as a platform for this blog. I also run the site in "Developer Mode". I found an error in Squarespace's online documentation for developers and shared that fact with them.

- The End -

Congratulations, you made it all the way through my Twitter Hall of Fame! Now check out the rest of the site, wink, wink.