Musk vs Zuck vs Trump

Musk vs Zuck vs Trump

Yeah well "my system avoids killing people in car crashes", yeah but "I can detect Mary's father by looking at 50 photos of his", yeah but "I can predict a car accident and avoid it", yeah but " I can tell if you are likely to click on an ad".

Sounds like little boys quibbling over who can do what.

It happens that in the past two weeks Elon Musk (aka Ironman) got into a little tiff (no, not the tag interchange file format) with Zuck himself over a statement (or several) at a meeting/event with many (35 or so) U.S. governors.

Basically both know so much about the state of AI that they had to accuse (ok, ok, Mark started it) each other over who knows less about AI.

I tend to be on the side of Elon, I think AI has to be the biggest "weapon" humankind created since the atom bomb. I think it needs to be "in check".

BUT I also think government regulation of the space will do no good, as this is an internationally distributed state of affairs.

It would be nice to have limited regulation to curtail the dangers that will come with AI, but I don't hold my hopes high.

Here are a few videos (1 summary suficed actually) of the back and forth. Please comment below to share what you think of the topic and the proponent's opinions.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg are waging a public debate over the merits of AI. Musk has said in the past that AI could be potentially very damaging to humans, and Zuckerberg recently called such doomsday predictions "irresponsible." Musk responded on Twitter, calling Zuckerberg's understanding of AI "limited."

Oh, and Trump? Who cares?

Yeah, but – I wear a hoodie – I win!
— Mark
*Musk vs Zuck vs Trump*

Who knows less about AI and wants more than they should. Recently a nice little "row" emerged over who can beat the other at AI know-how in order to have or have-not get politicians involved in AI regulation.

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