Change Log

I have discontinued updates to this page (sorry, it just takes more time than I have).

For those curious about what recent updates there have been to the website, here goes. I started this change log on August 26th 2017 and will maintain it from that date onwards. It is likely there will be larger gaps in time with no updates at all, I do get rather busy at times.


LinkedIn: You can now connect with me on LinkedIn via the link in the footer.


Design/Style Update: Having been really busy over the past 2 months I didn't get to make as many changes/improvements as I would have liked to the site, but after a lot of experimentation I finally found a new visual style for the homepage and news section I really like. That unfortunately meant that I had to re-create all article hero images (some are still left to do) ... I am making progress, that's what counts for now.

Happy Halloween!

Note: I have not been announcing minor changes and new posts here since the end of August, which is the better way for me to handle things given the limited amount of time I have.


Video Additions - Terminology: I added a couple of videos to the terminology section explaining terms like computational learning theory a bit better.


Video Additions - Machine Learning: I found and added three great videos for the three main areas of machine learning:

Footer Update - Newsletter: While it might still be a while before I am ready to start publishing an email newsletter, you can already sign up for the newsletter via the sign-up form in the footer of every page.

Significant Update - AI RSS Feeds: I made some significant updates to the AI RSS feeds page. Most notably I added external RSS feeds for news, research and general AI. Also I posted links to RSS readers I can recommend as well as information how you can automate the use of RSS feeds.

New Page - Change Log: You are looking at it (wink).

Footer Update: The page footer now indicates which pages have recently been added with a "NEW" tag at the end of new links.


Sidebar Updates: The blog sidebar was updated to be more concise and also now includes 3 (randomly picked) of the top 10 bestselling books on AI.

New Page - List of Submission Forms: As I keep adding new content submission forms to the different sections of the website, I thought it might be useful to have one page where you can find all the new forms in one place.

New Page - Frequently Asked Questions: People have been sending emails with questions that are worth answering for everyone. I know the chances of people actually reading this page before contacting me are slim (wink), but it at least gives me a source to copy and paste from.

Post Update - AI Powered Personal Assistant Products: This post on A.I. powered personal assistants lacked a couple of decent product links, this is now resolved.

New Page - AI News Stream: There is an all-new Artificial Intelligence News Stream page now. This page collates news from around the Web automatically. I keep adding new sources while trying to limit duplication as much as possible.

Page Update - AI Research: It is really hard to keep up with the onslaught of AI related research without spending huge amounts of time - which I don't have. So I thought it would be better to at least provide an automated stream of all new artificial intelligence research articles published at key AI research resources. I am pretty sure Twitter would be the better place for this kind of information, but for now this seems to be a worthwhile start on this website itself.

Page Update - 10 AI Bestseller Books: While I will keep writing book reviews for AI themed books, I thought it might be useful to publish the top 10 bestselling AI books on Amazon on an automated and continuous basis.


New Page - AI RSS Feeds: Rather than posting all RSS links in the footer, I decided to keep the footer more clear but creating a page that lists all artificial intelligence RSS feeds on this site. Expect to soon find RSS feeds from other websites here as well soon.

General Update - Instagram AI/Robot Images: I have been posting some pretty cool AI/robotics related images to Instagram but they were not filtering through to this site properly. This is now resolved.

New Page - People in AI Form: Similar to the new companies submission page there now also is a page to submit information about people notable in the field of AI for inclusion in the list of prominent and noteworthy people in AI.

New Page - Companies in AI Form: You can now submit AI focused companies to be included in the list of companies in the field of artificial intelligence via this form page. Again I hope this makes it easier for the community to submit company details. Previously I have been getting a couple of emails a week with requests to include companies, but the process was broken or tedious at least and prevented me from adding companies as fast as possible. The form ensures I get the information I need while minimising communication.

Page Update + New Page - AI Conferences + Submission Form: The AI conferences calendar has been enhanced/updated for 2017 and 2018 A.I. events. There now also is a new page that allows you to submit additions & changes to the AI Conference & Event calendar I mentioned before.

New Page - AI Entertainment Submission Form: You can now easily submit AI entertainment related content via a form page. This will hopefully engage the community more by making it clear what content is required if you want to publicise entertaining A.I. related content you like.

Post Update - AI Movie: The Ex Machina movie post in the AI entertainment section has been enhanced with new screencaps, an updated hero image, an interactive Spotify soundtrack widget, and Amazon DVD link.

New Post - AI Movie: I added the movie "Her" from 2013 to the artificial intelligence fun part of the website with detailed description, trailer videos, screencaps, Spotify soundtrack and DVD link to Amazon.

Post Update - AI Music: The Westworld Season 1 Soundtrack post (in A.I. fun & entertainment) now has a new hero image. I also added the interactive Spotify plugin for the soundtrack to the article, so you can now listen to the soundtrack right from the page.