A.I. Content Submission Forms

This is still a work in progress, but I want you, where available, to already start using the forms I have created for content submission.

Very Important: The most important thing to focus on is that your submitted content is unique, no shortcuts, no laziness. If you just plaster the same content all over the web you actually don't gain much beyond the first occurrence of your content online. Please keep that in mind. I will check, and if someone submits duplicate content, I simply won't post it. This site is about value, not spam. If you are doing this for the sake of backlinks and are not prepared to provide good/valuable content, don't bother ... please don't waste both our time, your content will not make it.

At the moment following forms for content submission are complete. Please stay tuned for more soon.

If you would like your AI company included in the list of AI related companies, please complete this form and, providing the date you submitted is great, I will add it to the website. This is a great opportunity to expose your company to the right audience, so please don't try to take shortcuts. If you have questions regarding the submission, please also see the FAQ page.

I am maintaining an ever-growing list of people who are notable in the field of artificial intelligence. If you know someone I am missing, please complete the form to have that person added to the list.

I am happy to include any conferences or events related to artificial intelligence in the AI Conferences & Events section of the site. Also if you want me to make corrections to existing entries, please use this form as well.

If you would like to submit something to be included or corrected in the A.I. Entertainment section of this website, please use this form.

More are in the works "as we speak".